Peter Haining

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Born:2 April 1940
Died:19 November 2007 (age 67)
Bio:None yet

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View more details for 25 Glorious Years25 Glorious YearsMiscellaneous factual books Author 8
View more details for A Celebration:A Celebration: Two Decades Through Time and SpaceMiscellaneous factual books Author 7.6
View more details for The Doctor Who FileThe Doctor Who FileMiscellaneous factual books Author 6.3
View more details for The Key to Time:The Key to Time: A Year-by-Year RecordMiscellaneous factual books Author 6.3
View more details for The Nine Lives of Doctor Who:The Nine Lives of Doctor Who: The First Biography of the Nine Men Who Are Doctor WhoCast biographies Author 4.5
View more details for Space Movies II:Space Movies II: Classic Television Science FictionMiscellaneous short stories EditorNone
View more details for The Time-Travellers' GuideThe Time-Travellers' GuideMiscellaneous factual books Author 7.7

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