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The Age of Broken Miracles - Unsold Stories

No. 19 of 73 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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By:Jim Mortimore
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Editions:  UK (paperback) | UK (hardback)
Description:  Self-published print-on-demand book of Doctor Who short stories by acclaimed author Jim Mortimore.

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  August 2013
Publisher:  Cauldron Press
Format: paperback

Cover blurb:
“Nothing I’d read could prepare me for the beauty of Skaldenland."
Daniel Miller -

“No author will ever go further or madder than Campaign. I treasure my copy like a child."
Finn Clark -

"The Sun in the Bone House alone is worth the price of entry. Beautifully links past, present and future, and is at times almost poetic in its impact."
Francis Ludlow - Albedo One

A writer’s stock-in-trade is his or her imagination. The traditional medium of exchange for this is hard cash, but it can also include reviews, abuse, obscenities, Lego, old synths, beer and chocolate ice cream. The other thing a writer’s stock-in-trade can be swapped for is rejection slips. Abuse notwithstanding, these are not nearly so nourishing for the mind, body and soul, nor indeed are they half as much fun. In the last twenty-odd years I’ve received thirty-nine rejection slips. Not enough to paper a room, true. But more than twice the number of stories I actually got paid for. To date these rejections include 26 Dr Who stories, 1 Bernice Summerfield, 1 Sarah Jane Smith, 1 Cybermen, 1 Faction Paradox, 1 Babylon 5, 1 X-Files, 1 Warhammer and 6 Sapphire & Steel.

Thirty-nine unwritten stories from the Library of Things That Never Were, as checked out by Nebula Award nominated writer Jim Mortimore, author of Skaldenland, Campaign, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Cracker.

Cover image for The Age of Broken Miracles - Unsold Stories
Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  August 2013
Publisher:  Cauldron Press
Format: hardback

Cover blurb:
The back cover contains the same blurb as the paperback edition. Inside cover flaps read as follows:

This is the very last incarnation of the Doctor. He looks young but he’s millions of years old and suffers from a terminal neurological disease: old age. The Doctor is just as powerful as he ever was, more so in fact, but he no longer understands how to apply the great knowledge he has amassed. He has lost his wisdom, if not his desire to do good. He is senile, a patient in a galactic hospital, forgotten by the staff... abandoned by everyone... except the few desperate patients who believe the urban myth that there is a broken god in the basement... someone who can save them... if they can find him... if they can get him interested in their problems... if he hasn’t already died himself.

Jim Mortimore is an award winning graphic designer and composer who turned to writing as a desperate ploy to evade real work.

The Age of Broken Miracles is Jim’s second Doctor Who book since the days when manuscripts were delivered to publishers by Winzling Racing Snails.

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