Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken

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Starring: Geoffrey Beevers
By:Terrance Dicks
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Released:  October 2020
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 4 x CD
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Note:  Audio reading of Terrance Dicks’ 1982 novelisation.

Cover blurb:
Geoffrey Beevers reads this exciting novelisation of the Fourth Doctor’s penultimate TV adventure, featuring the Master

“Slick and polished...immersive productions of much-loved novelisations...long may we enjoy them."
Doctor Who Magazine

For ages past, the Union of Traken has lived in peace and harmony thanks to the power of the Source, controlled by generations of Keepers.

But the current Keeper, his powers waning, senses some all-pervading evil about to invade his world. He summons the Doctor to his aid.

To save Traken the Doctor fights the terrifying Melkur, only to find that this new enemy conceals an older and even deadlier foe — one the Doctor has encountered before...

Geoffrey Beevers, who played the Master in the TV series, reads Terrance Dicks’s novelisation of a 1981 TV serial by Johnny Byrne, the penultimate story of the Fourth Doctor’s era.

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