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The Day of the Doctor

No. 4 of 27 in the New Target novelisations series
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By:Steven Moffat
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Editions:  UK (paperback) | Russia (hardback)
Description:  Novelisation of the 2013 Doctor Who TV episode of the same name, the 50th anniversary special episode. Also available as an audio reading.

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  April 2018
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
When the entire universe is at stake, three different Doctors will unite to save it.

The Tenth Doctor is hunting shape-shifting Zygons in Elizabethan England. The Eleventh is investigating a rift in space-time in the present day. And one other — the man they used to be but never speak of — is fighting the Daleks in the darkest days of the Time War. Driven by demons and despair, this battle-scarred Doctor is set to take a devastating decision that will threaten the survival of the entire universe... a decision that not even a Time Lord can take alone.

On this day, the Doctor’s different incarnations will come together to save the Earth... to save the universe... and to save his soul.

This novel is based on a Doctor Who story which was originally broadcast on 23 November 2013.

Featuring the Tenth Doctor as played by David Tennant, the Eleventh Doctor as played by Matt Smith and the War Doctor as played by John Hurt

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Edition: Russia (hardback)
Title:  Доктор Кто. День Доктора
Released:  October 2018
Publisher:  AST
Format: hardback

Cover blurb:
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