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Attack of the Cybermen / The Tenth Planet

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Starring: William Hartnell, Colin Baker, Michael Craze & Anneke Wills
By:Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis, Eric Saward & Paula Woolsey
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Editions:  UK UK (VHS) | Australia Australia (VHS)
Description:  VHS box set containing two Doctor Who TV stories: The Tenth Planet (1966) and Attack of the Cybermen (1985).

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Edition: UK UK (VHS)
Released:  November 2000
Publisher:  BBC Video
Format: 2 x VHS PAL
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Cover blurb:
No cover information available yet. The blurbs for each of the separate videos inside the tin are as follows:


This video contains a specially reconstructed version of the missing Episode Four.

Many aeons ago, Earth’s twin planet, Mondas, drifted away to the edge of space. Its inhabitants grew weak, so their scientists created spare parts for their bodies. Limbs and organs were slowly replaced by metal and plastic, and emotions were removed. The Cybermen were born.

The TARDIS lands at the South Pole Tracking Station late in 1986, just as a routine space mission starts going wrong. When the base personnel’s suspicions are raised, the Doctor informs them that the space capsule is being affected by the gravitational pull of another planet. A tenth planet...

As Mondas returns to the solar system, the Doctor warns that a visit from Mondas’s inhabitants is imminent. The Cybermen want Earth’s power and resources for themselves. Only the Doctor offers the base any hope against these silver giants. But is this one battle too many for the ailing time traveller?

This story, which was the last to feature William Hartnell as the Doctor and features the first regeneration, was broadcast on BBC1 between 8 - 29 October 1966.


Whilst narrowly avoiding a collision with Halley’s Comet in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Peri encounter a distress call emanating from London, Earth in 1985. The Doctor decides to investigate...

In central London, a gang of diamond-thieves, led by ex-Dalek agent Lytton, plan to enter their target building via the sewers. But once down in the darkness, things start going wrong, for lurking in the underground shadows are the Cybermen...

After the Doctor and his companion Peri are captured by the Cybermen, they are caught up in a complex scheme which involves dramatically altering history, allowing the Cybermen to prevent the destruction of their first home planet Mondas. Forced to take the TARDIS to the new homeworld of the Cybermen (the ice-tombs of Telos), the Doctor realises the situation is being sinisterly manipulated, but by whom? The Cybermen? Lytton? The Cryons (the original inhabitants of Telos)? Or perhaps even his own race, the Time Lords?

Includes special bonus interview — Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant on Swap Shop, originally broadcast 5 January 1985.

This story began Colin Baker’s first full season as the Doctor, and was broadcast on BBC1 between 5 - 12 January 1985.

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Edition: Australia Australia (VHS)
Released:  November 2000
Publisher:  BBC Video
Format: 2 x VHS PAL

Note:  The original release of this box set had to be recalled when it was noticed that the tape of The Tenth Planet accidentally contained unrestored versions of episodes 1-3 and no episode 4 “reconstruction”.

Cover blurb:
No cover information available yet.

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