The Dr Who Annual 1969

No. 4 of 25 in the World Annuals series
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Released:  September 1968
Publisher:  World Distributors
Format: hardback
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Note:  The front cover and spine simply say “The Dr Who Annual” with no mention of the year. Features the second Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Victoria. Despite what the front cover illustration may suggest, the Cybermen do not feature anywhere in the annual — and neither do the Yeti (pictured on the back cover). The story Follow the Phantoms was released as an audio reading as part of The Sinister Sponge & Other Stories.

Cover blurb:


  • Lords of the Galaxy
  • Follow the Phantoms
  • Masterminds of Space
  • The Celestial Toyshop
  • Valley of Dragons
  • Planet from Nowhere
  • Atoms Infinite (comic strip)
  • Happy as Queeg
  • World of Ice
  • The Microton Men
  • Death to Mufl
  • Freedom by Fire (comic strip)

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