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Imaginative and well drawn images

By:Dave, Dorset, England
Date:Saturday 16 November 2002
Rating:   10

If there is one thing I remember the most about this annual it is the cover,front and back!! Great images but though we have scans of the front I can find no scans anywhere of the back, this had cybermen taking helmets off showing brain, please someone scan and send,my copy was THROWN OUT by a certain parent when she felt it was " old and tatty" I have never forgiven her.

A winner

By:Richard Cavalieri, United States
Date:Wednesday 22 September 2004
Rating:   10

Greetings, I have this annual in my collection and this is another winner. I am a big fan of the cybermen and this cover is a real classic. The stories are wonderful also. This one is worth purchasing for your collection for the cover alone. My top rating!

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