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The Dr Who Annual 1968

No. 3 of 25 in the World Annuals series
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Released:  September 1967
Publisher:  World Distributors
Format: hardback
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Note:  The front cover and spine simply say “The Dr Who Annual” with no mention of the year. Features the second Doctor, Ben and Polly. The story The King of Golden Death and the article The Phoenix in the TARDIS were both released as audio readings as part of The Doctor Who Audio Annual, while a reading of The Sour Note was included in The Second Doctor Who Audio Annual.

Cover blurb:


  • The Sour Note
  • The Dream Masters
  • The Tests of Trefus (comic strip)
  • The Word of Asiries
  • Only a Matter of Time
  • Planet of Bones
  • When Starlight Grows Cold
  • World Without Night (comic strip)
  • The King of Golden Death
  • Aiming of the Moon (feature)
  • The Phoenix in the TARDIS (feature)
  • Space Dictionary (feature)
  • Men who made History (feature)
  • Peephole at Space-Target One (feature)
  • A Skyful of Saucers (feature)
  • The Sky at Night (feature)
  • The Solar System (feature)
  • The Lost Continent of Atlantis (feature)
  • Time and Time Again (feature)
  • Star Facts (feature)

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