A Time Lord For Change In an Exciting Adventure with the Drabbles

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By:Elton Townend Jones (ed.)
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Released:  November 2016
Publisher:  ChinBeard Books
Format: paperback
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Note:  Print-on-demand. Similar to Drabble Who from the 90s, this is a collection of Doctor Who-themed “drabbles” (100-word short stories) in aid of the mental health charity A Time To Change.

Cover blurb:
When the Doctor stole a Time and Relative Dimension In Space capsule (or, rather, when one stole him) and fled his civilisation, he couldn’t have foreseen the incredible journey ahead.

Across endless time and infinite space the Doctor has championed the underdog, made innumerable friends, and thwarted despots, villains, monsters and robots — all as part of his daily routine!

Now join a team of professional, amateur and celebrity writers in reliving every televised adventure in ‘drabble’ form (stories told in exactly 100 words).

Like the Doctor all those years ago, you’ll not foresee the fun and thrills that lie ahead...

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