The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Shadow People

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Starring: Elisabeth Sladen
By:Scott Handcock
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Released:  October 2009
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Was later re-released as part of The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection box set.

Cover blurb:
A camping trip spells trouble for Sarah Jane and friends, in this exclusive audio adventure read by Elisabeth Sladen

When both the school bus and Sarah Jane’s car break down in Snowdonia, the gang find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Exploring by a lake, Rani sees a shadowy figure that looks exactly like her. Then Sarah Jane hears a voice asking for help, and sees a mysterious figure outside her tent. Who is watching them, and why? How can Rani be in two places at once? And what secret does a nearby cave hold?

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