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I am a Dalek

No. 1 of 7 in the Quick Reads books series
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By:Gareth Roberts
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Released:  May 2006
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Note:  Technically not part of the regular new series range, this 128-page paperback novel was published as part of the Quick Reads literacy initiative. Followed a year later by the similar Made of Steel.

Cover blurb:
Equipped with space suits, golf clubs and a flag, the Doctor and Rose are planning to live it up on the Moon, Apollo-mission style. But the TARDIS has other plans, landing them instead in a village on the south coast of England; a picture-postcard sort of place where nothing much happens... until now.

Archaeologists have dug up a Roman mosaic, dating from the year 70 AD. It shows scenes from ancient myths, bunches of grapes — and a Dalek. A few days later a young woman, rushing to get to work, is knocked over and killed by a bus. Then she comes back to life.

It’s not long before all hell breaks loose, and the Doctor and Rose must use all their courage and cunning against an alien enemy — and a not-quite-alien accomplice — who are intent on destroying humanity.

Featuring the Doctor and Rose as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the hit series from BBC Television.

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