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Short Trips: Life Science - A Short-Story Anthology

No. 10 of 32 in the Short Trips short story collections series
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By:John Binns (ed.)
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Released:  June 2004
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:
Once, we believed our lives were sacred, that we had souls. Now we know we are mere machines; genetic data. We are science.

But even as we learn, the properties of life remain uncertain. How does life acquire consciousness, or rights? Does a robot dream? If a person transforms into an oak tree, is it science, or the work of gods? Did the Victorians find a way to resurrect the dead?

To science, such questions are invitations to explore. Who better to explore with, than the Doctor?

Life Science is a menagerie of creatures from some of the most exciting names in the Doctor Who universe, including Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Jonathan Morris, Jim Mortimore and Steve Lyons.

The editor is John Binns, who compiled the previous Short Trips collections A Universe of Terrors and Steel Skies.


  • Mortal Thoughts by Trevor Baxendale
  • Syntax by David Bailey
  • Primitives by John Seavey
  • The Northern Heights by Mark Stevens
  • Observation by Ian Farrington
  • Lant Land by Jonathan Morris
  • A Star is Reborn by Richard Salter
  • The Southwell Park Mermaid by Kate Orman
  • The Destroyers by Steve Lyons
  • The Reproductive Cycle by Matthew Griffiths
  • Scribbles in Chalk by Gareth Wigmore
  • The End by Alexander Leithes
  • The Age of Ambition by Andrew Campbell
  • Echo by Lance Parkin
  • Jonah by Todd Green
  • A Rose By Any Other Name by Jim Mortimore

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