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Short Trips: Repercussions - A Short-Story Anthology

No. 11 of 32 in the Short Trips short story collections series
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By:Gary Russell (ed.)
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Released:  August 2004
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:

All across the universe, the Doctor is hailed as a hero, a benevolent force, the man who fights the monsters, topples the dictators and frees the oppressed.

Repercussions demonstrates an alternative side to this. What if, whilst doing these good, even great, deeds, the Doctor is unwittingly changing the Web of Time. Giving people knowledge they’re not supposed to have. Empowering races that should have remained in the dark ages. Overthrowing the evil that, had it continued to flourish, might ultimately have brought together a greater force of good to eradicate itself.

Established writers of Doctor Who books and audios are joined in this collection by fresh talent and new voices.

Featuring stories by Peter Anghelides, Mark Michalowski, Colin Brake, Joseph Lidster, Jon de Burgh Miller and many more!


  • The Time Lord’s Story by Iain McLaughlin and Claire Bartlett
  • The Ghost’s Story by Trevor Baxendale
  • The Rag and Bone Man’s Story by Colin Brake
  • The Seismologist’s Story by Peter Anghelides
  • The Dead Man’s Story by Andrew Frankham
  • The Inquisitor’s Story by Shaun Lyon
  • The Gangster’s Story by Jon de Burgh Miller
  • The Bushranger’s Story by Sarah Groenewegen
  • The Schoolboy’s Story by Trey Korte
  • The Juror’s Story by Eddie Robson
  • The Farmer’s Story by Todd Green
  • The Republican’s Story by Andy Russell
  • The Assassin’s Story by Andrew Collins
  • The Diplomat’s Story by Kathryn Sullivan
  • The Steward’s Story by Mark Michalowski
  • The Tramp’s Story by Joe Lidster

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