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Works for me!

By:Ryan, Canada
Date:Wednesday 27 February 2002
Rating:   8

I, WHO 2 is a fine work which gives you a good gist of what is going on
in the books. To give it a failing grade is ridiculous in the extreme.
This version may not a step up from the original as one might hope but
it certainly maintains the high quality of th original.

Not enough style!

By:Sean-Paul Smith, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Date:Thursday 7 February 2002
Rating:   3

Lars Pearson and co have delivered a second installment in their 'complete-Whonivese' encyclopedia. Like the first volume it is full of errors, spelling mistakes and terrible layout. Although I enjoyed the first volume (with all its flaws) I was hoping for something better. Hopefully a second revision is in the works...

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