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By:Timothy Philip Smith, London,England
Date:Wednesday 5 January 2005
Rating:   10

Terror Of The Zygons is Brilliant because it's got the fourth doctor Harry and well obviouusly The Zygons I would recommend it if you like this you,ll probaly like Genisis Of The Daleks,The Ark In Space,The Revenge Of The Cybermen,The Sontaron Experiment,The Hand Of Fear and the Ark

Almost perfect

By:the Traveller, Loch Ness
Date:Saturday 6 May 2006
Rating:   9

A creepy and entertaining story with a surprisingly violent side and many memorable moments, such as Harry attacking Sarah with a pitchfork, and the Zygon being hunted through the woods. The only fault is the Skarasen which never convinces the viewer, and ultimately spoils the climax of this very fine story.

Mascarading as a human.....

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   10

The Zygons are magnificent creations. Thier ship looks stunning and the abilities grotesque bu simply horrifying. The fact that they can morph into a human body is something Doctor Who had failed to do in a long time. Broton, what a name. Warlord of the Zygons and of his pet the Skareson. He's a suitable candidate to face the Doctor and does so in style. Thier characters are sly and terribly cunning. However once the Doctor becomes involved, theres nothing on Erath that can get in the way of ruling over his favroute planet.

The Doctor is on fine form here and his character develops a little further in each episode. Sarah to is given something to do and her charcter too develops and Harry, a favroute of mine should not have gone in this episode. He truely is of the most suitable companion material. He, the doctor and Sarah have a great relationship though, he should have stayed. He was a great assest to the DR WHO universe.

Unit to are fantastic. The Brigadier is a fine actor. I am ever so glad that Nicholas Courtney stayed on for as long as he did and hes returning to new WHO too i'm glad to announce to those who havent heard.

All the surporting characters are well suited to what they do best. Benton shows he's not just a tea boy, blasting bombs at the Zygon ship that lay beneath the sea and thier are plenty of laughs to be had throughout for example....the Brigadier wearing a tartan quilt.

The action scenes are brill and the opening of the story is a fantastic way to begin an adventure on such a scale as this. Also, the cliff hangers are some of the best yet and poor old Angus- the landlord.......

The Ultimate Weapon...

By:Kieren, kidderminster
Date:Thursday 5 March 2009
Rating:   10

Dark with excellent music (it really builds up the atmosphere), I'm just waiting for the DVD release. The only bit which is annoying is the Skarasen in London, it just doesn't quite work.


By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 9 September 2010
Rating:   10

The inside of the spaceship is excellently designed. It reminds one of a plate of lasagne. It looks so organic and real that one just has to ask why the exterior looks like just a plain every day UFO? But aside from this niggle this story is absolutely brilliantly produced. The direction is tought and startlingly realistic. The characters are all memorable, especially the Nurse. Those eyes of hers. I shiver.

And the cliffhanger to part one was absolutely toilet inducing for me when i first saw it.. For the zygons are one of the best monster designs to grace Doctor Who. The look realistic. They look like genuine flesh. Douglas Camfield duly deserves his praise as a director. And the final London piece isnt as bad as all that either. This is certainly one of the best Tom Baker stories.

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