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Ah, Dr Keller...

By:Kieren, kidderminster
Date:Thursday 5 March 2009
Rating:   9

Good music, good effects for the time and a very good story, the only real shame is it being in B/W because of some idoits here and in America.

My First Video

By:kevin glover, Cornwall, Canada
Date:Monday 15 April 2013
Rating:   8

This was my first Dr Video that I got on a winter day in 1999, I came home from a bad day at school and my mom had a friend over and so I went for a walk, it started to snow lightly and when I returned my mom's friend was gone and she had a radient smile and showed me what she discovered at the Video store. My Day was made.

For the story itself, The Mind of Evil feels like it belongs to the more dark and dirty era of season 7, the threat seems more valid, and there is a greater scope of dramatic tension that abandones the comic book style action that comes from the story before and after. Since this was my first with the Master and Delgado, Im just glad to say this is possibly his BEST outing in the role him, he's plotting machevelian and always one step ahead of the game, and you cannot have a finer Master moment when hes sitting in the back of a Limousine with a fat stogie. Simply fun

Sadly the story does suffer from the typicle Pertwee hinderance of being a runaround the Doctor and Jo spend way to much time being locked in prison cells that after awhile you just want to fast forward to the end. Also the idea of nothing happening to Jo while a bunch of vicious criminals are loose does streach the limits of credibility, I know this is a family show but their should have been Hints of certain harmful activities against her. Either way these criticisms aside this is a pretty good Pertwee story made atmospheric for being in B&W


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