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I am the Doctor!

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Tuesday 25 July 2006
Rating:   6

(actually I'm the Traveller, but...)
Paul McGann makes a fab Doctor, but this Movie is pretty crap. The plot is almost as thin as I am, hah!
By the way Hatman, write your own damn reviews!


By:lee cartmell, auckland
Date:Tuesday 29 August 2006
Rating:   7

Not a bad effort considering the time it had been away

Good effort

By:Lloyd, Kent, UK
Date:Sunday 2 September 2007
Rating:   8

This was meant to be the one to relaunch the series ... and they wouldve gotten away with it to if it wasnt for the American market not liking it.
P Mc was ok in this, the story let it down as did Eric Roberts (actor my behind). Shouldve been a lot stronger as P Mc proved in audio adventures to be a good Dr.

American WHO!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Sunday 11 May 2008
Rating:   7

I know some fans love this story because its in the style of what some fans would call 'Something new' special effects and all that but to me it was a bit of a let down because i enjoyed the beginning, whilst anticipating the episode ahead but the gun violence was never ever that bad and when they shot the 7th Doctor, i thoughtm well, they didnt even give him a proper send off. However the story itself was ok i surpose, and the TARDIS, well, i did sort of prefer the old one and the one in Tom Bakers day, the old wooden panels but you only have to look at todays tardis, and i love that! The 8th Doctor is still attached the series i am glad to say and it was a shame that he didnt get a proper outing as the doctor because that would have added to his riegn. He was a good Doctor, i dont deny the episode at all, only that i was all too American in some places and Dr Who was always that bit British and this simply wasnt!

TheDoctor and The Master at it again!

By:jack, portland, oregon, 97209, United States
Date:Sunday 20 June 2010
Rating:   10

This movie while obviously made for TV, touched upon some of the aspects of being a Time Lord, that most fans forget about.

While its true that Time Lords are Immortal in a sense because they can use the regeneration technology to side step death and regenerate a while new body while keeping most of their knowledge and memories from their past live because their consciousness is transferred into a new body. But even Time Lords aren't truly immortal, they can still die just like the typical human beings that he is so interested in. This movie delves heavily into this concept and the death of a timelord or perhaps two. If you're a fan of the Doctor, then movie is a

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