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Destroy him, destroy him at once!!!!

By:The master NM, London
Date:Thursday 24 July 2008
Rating:   8

A real heartbreaker this one. Ofcourse, its a given by the front cover that the Cybermenmake a fleeting return. Up against the fifth Doctor, the cybermen want to expolde a bomb on the planet Earth and crash a space frieghter carrying thousands of cybermen as cargo to the planet, with the Doctors companions on board.

By the time this episode aired, the TARDIS had become cramped/over populated with guests that sooner of later, they were killed of with the best of intentions. After all, this was no longer just childrens viewing but family viewing and because they killed of one of the Doctors trusting friends, it meant that the Doctor who universe wasnt as safe and as trusting as fans and viewers alike thought.

The cybermen are watching from behind the scenes alll the time and have designed androids to deal with the Doctor and friends and a search party of unwanted guests who do somewhat get in the way of thier plans.

The latter half of the episode thats set on the frieghter is a somewhat darker and scarier place that where the TARDIS team first touched down. Once the cybermen emerge, they quickly set the pace and all gets underway.

Theres a feeling of real tension and emotion in the last half hour of the episode. With Adric locked on to the earth, with no hope of escape, we lost a companion that all in all wasnt bad in every sense like some fans insist. He may not have been a companion we could all aspire to be like but hes one who the whole nation mourned for and so the episode truly is as great as the production values and the plot is superb and although Davison isnt a Doctor who really interested me much as he often got stories with not much action, he was as good as all the rest before him and made the most of all the episodes he was given though he does strike me as a moany git of screan but thats just a personal banter.

This episode however will throw you because its one that got the attention of many viewers who actually felt sorrow for Adric and his death and personally, i quite like him.

It was Davison who said that he'd rather have Nysaa as his companion, never mind about Tegan and Adric and that led to Adric being killed off.

This episode is a must for any of you. The cybermen these days dont seem to have as much personality as those in the past and trust me that when youve viewed this episode, youd want to know when thier gonna bring back the cybermen of old!

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