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Doctor Who begins to die...again

By:the Traveller, friend of Hatman, The Death Star (opposite Seaford)
Date:Saturday 27 May 2006
Rating:   3

Colin Baker's opening story is, to be frank - a mess. The acting quality is mostly terrible, the monsters look laughable, and who decided to have the new Doctor mentally unstable? Okay, it would have been fine if the unstability of the Doctor had been done tastefully and seriously, but in THE TWIN DILEMMA it just looks dreadful. Worst of all, underneath this tangled landfill site of a plot, is Colin Baker doing some pretty decent acting.


By:Matthew B, Cardiff
Date:Monday 6 November 2006
Rating:   3

An exercise in sustained insanity, The Twin Dilemma is utterly awful from start to finish. There is nothing that redeems it – the location work seems nice until Colin Baker comes on screen and starts overacting. The effects seem good but then Womulus and Wemus appear and spoil it all. The music is horrible (unusual for Malcolm Clarke) and the costumes are even gaudier than those seen in Shada. Painful to watch, The Twin Dilemma isn't even amusingly bad. Hideous.

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