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Entertaining for the period

By:Ian, Leeds
Date:Thursday 23 May 2002
Rating:   7

The votes in this case acuratly reflect to me the level of this story. Good location shots and the interisting story, fight against some poor acting and even poorer "special effects". High point to me is the action in the power station and the good use made of the UNIT charicters. Low points have to be the involvement of the master which could have been axed for a much more real plot, and the shots of inside the Axons spacecraft.

An excellent story, often overlooked

By:Martin, Kendal, UK
Date:Sunday 23 February 2003
Rating:   9

Okay, so I have a soft spot for this story, but despite some rotten production values - and mostly they're not down to design or bad acting, but bad direction or not having the time to do retakes - this story keeps you interested all the way through. It shows the Doctor's still at odds with the establishment at this point, and it shows clearly how much he wants to escape his exile. The main UNIT crowd all get a reasonable shake and the Master comes off reasonably, although as part of a season that used him in every story, you could be forgiven for thinking that there is too much of him in it. An ambitious story that maybe doesn't succeed everywhere, but as entertainment it's still a cracker IMHO.

Could See the Plot A Mile Away

By:Paul Williams, New Brighton, United States
Date:Tuesday 22 March 2011
Rating:   4

One of the most contrived stories in the Pertwee era. It seems like everyone phoned in the acting.

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