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Best Episode Ever

By:MrD, Frederick, Maryland, USA
Date:Wednesday 25 June 2003
Rating:   10

This episode has a good dark undertone. Most of the props and monsters are believable (except the giant rat). The midget (pig-man), I thought was well done. The Character of Li H'sen Chang was well acted. This a very well written story with very little weakness. If I was to show one episode to someone who had never seen the show this is the episode I would show them.

I lived in England in the early and mid 60's and had the opportunity as a child to see many of the episodes that no longer exist. I have seen all the episodes available past the 1968 season (left England in August of 1968). It is my opinion that this is the best episode produced and certainly is my favorite. ‘The Sontaran Experiment’ and ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ are good too.

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