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Hit and miss

By:Martin Bizarro, totnes
Date:Tuesday 25 May 2010
Rating:   5

Often excoriated for the dreadful The Mutants and The Armageddon Factor, these Bristolians deserve a fairer appraisal for their other work than the two clunkers they are constantly beaten with. The Claws of Axos has ideas that the show's budget could not realise, and has good explorations of the Doctor's (and other characters') hidden and shifting loyalties. The Three Doctors also has good characterisation for Omega, alternately megalomaniacal and sympathetic. The Hand of Fear is also a good story, and has a nice scene where the manager of a soon-to-explode nuclear power station phones his wife for one last time.

Bob Baker and Dave Martin certainly had their faults, but their grandiose ideas and good characters deserve better appreciation.

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