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Myth Makers: Bob Baker & Dave Martin

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Starring: Bob Baker & David Martin
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Editions:  UK UK (VHS) | UK UK (DVD)
Description:  Interview with the two-man writing team most famous for creating the Doctor’s robotic companion K-9, as well as writing several classic Doctor Who TV stories during the 1970s.

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Edition: UK UK (VHS)
Title:  Myth Makers: Dave Martin & Bob Baker
Released:  September 2000
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Cover blurb:
"BOB HOLMES told us the entire history of the Sontarans... their sexual habits and God knows what!"

BOB BAKER and DAVE MARTIN met in Bristol during the late 1960’s. Their very first attempt at writing together almost made it to the big screen and from that time they’ve never looked back.

From the classic days of drama at HTV, working on shows like SKY and KING OF THE CASTLE they progressed in the 1970’s and early 1980’s to becoming regulars writing for DOCTOR WHO.

Their most famous creation is a robot dog which became a popular and unique assistant to The Doctor for four years and spawned its own television special.

In this MYTH MAKERS, NICHOLAS BRIGGS discussed with BOB and DAVE the creation of K9, its treatment by other writers, how the special K9 & COMPANY came about — and what they thought of it!

BOB and DAVE also reveal the ideas behind their DOCTOR WHO scripts and discuss a working relationship spanning thirty years which has allowed them to pursue separate careers which include detective novels for DAVE and the award-winning WALLACE & GROMIT for BOB.

And the future? ... will K9 be back?

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Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  September 2015
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x DVD
Reeltime Pictures

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