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Good Ssssstuffff

By:Szlar, London
Date:Saturday 15 March 2003
Rating:   8

I really like this story.This is partly nostalgia
because I remember it a bit from my childhood but I also think that it's a good story if perhaps a little drawn out like most other six parters.This is a base under siege story but it is under siege from within so that the occupants have to try and avoid the Ice Warriors whilst trying to defeat them.This makes for some quite genuinely hairy moments.Of course, it also has the wondeful Patrick Troughton with his camp/serious portrayal of the Doctor.By the way,doesn't the Grand Martian sound a bit like Victor Meldrew

The Foam of Death

By:Matthew B, Cardiff, Wales
Date:Monday 2 October 2006
Rating:   4

A very tired production. Not a good story for any of the regulars, and the supporting cast are nothing to shout about either. The plot is dull and we’ve been here before with Troughton so many times that its like deja vu – big control the catastrophe...shouty leader...plucky young female...blah blah blah. The Ice Warriors are unthreatening and clunky, and the incidental music is horrible. The score is repetitive, loud and all over the episodes. Dudley Simpson was clearly either very unhappy in early 1969 or was on very strong ampetamines. Maybe he was just trying to distract the viewer from this loveless escapade.

Let-down on the extras front

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 11 April 2008
Rating:   8

While the story is captivating and enjoyable, the extras are somewhat of a let-down if you already own Lost in Time, as the only unique ones are 'Sssowing the Ssseedsss', a poor TARDIS Cam and the photo gallery.

The Seeds Of Flipping great stuff...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 16 April 2008
Rating:   10

When I was a seven year old who had only seen Revenge Of The Cybermen as an intro to the great world of Doctor Who, I was wondering what Doc Who would be like in black and white. Would it be lacklustre and not quite as good on the effects side and all that? I neednt have worried! My Next video from the library that i borrowed was the video of the Seeds Of Death. One of the finest examples of Pat Troughton's era as the Doctor.

The ice warriors actually did freak the hell out of me when i was young. This story also boasts one of the best music scores in the whole history of the show. The cast all work so well off each other too and Alan Bennion was immediately striking as the Martian warrior Slaar. A great performance i thought then and i still do now. Ronald Leigh Hunt is again great as he was on Revenge. The suspense and tension is there right from the word go. (AND YES, I CAN OVERLOOK THE FACT THAT SLAAR DOESNT EVER SEEM TO NOTICE HIS ICE WARRIORS GOING MISSING WHEN THEYRE KILLED OFF, THATS JUST PART OF THE STORY NOT SHOWN. WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH UNSEEN ACTION TOOK PLACE IN THESE STORIES?!)

This is still a classic in the analls of Doctor Who history. The ice warriors are back, shouldnt be too long til i see them return again in the new series, i hope..This is a great Doctor Who story to say the least. Pity Harry Towb doesnt get more of a part, he's great just in the first few minutes. I like the alien pov shots too, really not a lot of those kind of shots in Doctor Who even now are there?!

The Seeds of Death... Version 2!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 22 March 2010
Rating:   9

Here's another v2 review, this time it's 'The Seeds of Death'...
Season 6 is easily my favourite of Patrick Troughton's - lots of good monsters coupled with big, beefy stories. 'The Seeds of Death' is the Second Doctor's third-from-last story, and is the last great black and white 'base under siege' story, with 'The Space Pirates' being a space opera and 'The War Games' being an intelligent epic.
On to the story. The Ice Warriors return in cracking style, with a clever plan. Alan Bennion as Slaar is particularly good. Other guest stars on top form include Louise Pajo as Miss Kelly, and Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Commander Radnor.
The extras on this 2003 DVD are, as one might expect, not amazing. 'Sssowing the Ssseedsss' is an OK documentary, but it would have to wait for 2010 and 'The Curse of Peladon' for there to be a definitive documentary on the Ice Warriors. 'The Last Dalek' (later featured on the 'Lost in Time' boxset) is a bit out of place, giving us some footage from 'The Evil of the Daleks', a story from Season 4!
Overall, a superb story - the extras aren't great, but let it go; for '03 they're not too bad.

Zoe laughing in the foam

By:simon blackwell, rotherfield, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 25 August 2011
Rating:   4

far too long, zoe and the Doctor laughing their heads off in a ton of foam is the best bit

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