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2nd Doctor takes care of business

By:Brendon Schlitt, Rockaway, NJ, USA
Date:Friday 11 April 2003
Rating:   10

This is another great title. Glad it is no longer lost. The Cybermen are my 2nd favorite menace in the Doctor Who universe. Partick Troughton excels as the Doctor. Bring on more 2nd Doctor to DVD.

Good, but not a classic

By:PJ Johnson, Hoddesdon, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 5 May 2005
Rating:   8

Tomb of the Cybermen is a good story, and a typical example of the 2nd Doctor's era of clear 'good vs. evil' style story-telling. It isn't, however, the classic it is often made out to be.

The story does contain some excellent and highly-memorable moments, the best by far being the sight of the Cybermen emerging from the tombs. However, there are too many aspects of the story which don't make sense, lots of annoying slip-ups and a few cases of god-awful acting. For example, the Doctor is fully aware of the threat posed by the Cybermen, and yet it is he who grants the expedition access to the tomb and then to the catacombs beneath. Now I know the Doctor has a tendency to show off, but to the extent that it puts the lives of his companions and others at risk? I find that very difficult to believe. Also, why on earth would the Cybermen design the tomb so that the Cyber Controller's regeneration chamber is on the upper floor, so far from the catacombs, especially considering that it is vital to the Controller's survival? Why not just have it located right next to the catacombs?

These major plot holes aside, there are many other annoyances throughout the story. Why, for example, is the Doctor so shocked to hear that Cybermen are involved when there are two huge cybermen clearly carved into the wall right in front of him? In the regeneration room, how does Kaftan know which switch to operate to trap Vicki in the revitalising chamber? How does Vicki, a frightened young woman from the 19th century, not only know how to fire a gun but also manage to hit a tiny Cybermat on the other side of the room with her first shot? Other annoyances include the shot of Toberman throwing the painfully obvious empty Cyber Controller suit across the room, and the earlier shot in which a Cybermen lifts Toberman into the air and the wires lifting the actor can clearly be seen.

Add to all these flaws some utterly atrocious acting from some of the cast, particularly Shirley Cooklin (Kaftan) and George Roubicek (Captain Hopper), and I fail to see how this story is held in such high esteem by so many fans.

Let me stress, however, that I am by no means slating the story as a failure, I do believe that it is a good story, with some excellent dialogue, genuinely frightening and memorable moments, and strong themes running thrughout. I just feel, that with all the flaws mentioned above, that it cannot be the classic story that so many seem to think it is, and it is certainly not the best Cybermen story.

this was toattly brilliant

By:james fox, york
Date:Sunday 10 May 2009
Rating:   10

this was toattly brilliant it was fab very dark and immaganitive whilst capturing the true picture.10/10

Takes too long to get going...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 9 October 2010
Rating:   5

But Tomb Of The Cybermen is not a total failure. The touching scene of the Doctor recalling his family is one of the best scenes in Doctor Who ever. It is so wonderfully acted, Pat and Debbie just gel so well. But aside from this the action is slow to begin. The characters may be well defined, pity they dont wet my appetite.

Judging by the first two parts, This is not the classic that so many people call it. George Pastell is really very good as Kleig, and he has the best final line of a psychopath ever. Cyril Shaps tries hard too, but aside from that all the characters (except maybe Hopper) are just in the background and dont seem to do a huge amount and dont add much to the story. The cybermen still look good, but thats no substitute for the bland storytelling.

But at least the story does pick up very well after part two. But even so, its no Timelash or Time And The Rani. Those stories for me are far more thrilling and watchable. This is the weakest Patrick Troughton story in my view.

(Yes, I know the cybermen are far more sparsely appearing in the Wheel In Space, but that story is far better paced and the story is still excellent!)

May Fovorite Classic!

By:Jared Harr, St. Marys, United States
Date:Saturday 20 May 2017
Rating:   10

Hands down, my favorite classic episode! Never a dull moment, never a dull character, and no dull story. The story was great, the effects were awesome. The characters were so well rounded. Action scenes were very good, and the ending made it all the more better! Classic Troughton, classic episode!

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