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It dose what it says on the tin!

By:Ian, Leeds, England
Date:Thursday 8 July 2004
Rating:   8

A wonderful collection of everything (up to that point anyway) that is/was Dr Who. Daleks, Bessie, the Master, Cybermen, The Brigadier, Timelords et al. The plots a bit of mess, the location shooting is dull (all though its supposed to be) and Tom Baker is sorely missed. However, the others Drs are on form, even Hartnells stand in and you are never left hanging around waiting for something to happen.
Light, cheerful entertainment for all to watch, without too much to think about.

A big disappointment

By:Andreas, Stockholm, Sweden
Date:Saturday 14 August 2004
Rating:   3

What little story there is here is very weak, and the only way the episode may challange you is in trying to keep track of it's ten main characters (there would have been 12, but the fourth doctor and Romana is hardly in it at all). Worth a look if you want to see four doctors (and five companions) duke it out with some classic foes, but don't expect any story to back it up.

This is Doctor Who

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Thursday 12 October 2006
Rating:   10

Sorry - I know some of you didn't care for this story, but yes, I must give this one a 10. Yes, there's not a very deep story here, but what you've got are some really cool ideas and a continuity (or discontinuity?) and nostalgia fest for those who love the show. Tom Baker *is* sorely missed, but pairing Liz Sladen with Pertwee and Nick Courtney with Troughton was brilliant scripting and worked splendidly, and we get some really classic scenes as a result. Troughton's whole "I'm not supposed to be here" thing at the beginning, coupled with the revelation that this second Doctor was lifted out of a period *after* his arrest and trial is all very enigmatic and interesting, and leaves us wondering what's really going on with him. This has given rise to the idea of a theoretical "Season 6(b)," taking place after The War Games and before Spearhead from Space. The Dark Tower of Gallifrey and the Death Zone are pretty cool ideas that add to the Time Lord mythos, as do the forbidden "black scrolls." Also, any fan of the Cybermen will love this one. And the final fate of villanous mastermind seals the deal - a fantastic ending! As for the updated special effects on the revised release, my opinion on that is that the original form was better, and shouldn't have been messed with.

The Three Doctors

By:William Merrick, London
Date:Thursday 19 July 2007
Rating:   7

Features: The remastered and extended scenes are a big improvement over the original. But a lack of other extras is a disappointment.

Story: Another disappointment is that there are only 3 real Doctors. Could also do with less monsters and more story.



By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 11 March 2008
Rating:   10

Bliss !

Deluxe DVD = perfection!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 6 April 2008
Rating:   10

I recently bought the new UK deluxe edition for the 25th anniversary of this story, and i must say it is an absolute corker! You get 2 versions of the story, one the original and the other an updated one with special effects, zillions of extras, and the most amazing Doctor Who DVD Easter Egg ever! I'll say no more: now go find it for yourself!

Truly a classic!

By:The Master NM, London
Date:Tuesday 6 May 2008
Rating:   10

Im getting annoyed with what 2 Entertain have to offer at times. I loved the Five Doctors. This story was one of my all time favrouites and i will tell you for why. I am a great fan of John Pertwees Doctor, he always had a certain charm that that i loved about him. Patrick Troughton was comedic and highly entertaining and i also think that the story fitted nicely between Peter Davisons run as the Doctor. Plus, brilliant scenes of the Raston warior who the cybermen clearly had no chance in defeating. The use of the dalek i felt had a huge impact on the 1st Doctor who at times was not hi self but at some times portrayed the character like the original once had. All in all, i enjoyed it and is one that belongs in my collection.

One of the best!!!

By:Kyle K.K, London
Date:Saturday 18 July 2009
Rating:   10

The Five Doctors is one of the best storys ever. Brilliant performance from Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor, Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee step into the role again as the 2nd & 3rd Doctors and Richard Hurndall as the 1st Doctor was good, but William Hartnell was not forgotten with his little speach before the title sequence plus great companions (even K-9). Great enemys such as the Cybermen, Yeti and a Dalek. Dissapointing that Tom Baker wouldn't come back as the 4th Doctor because with him it would off been just a little bit better.

Very, very good indeed...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 1 November 2010
Rating:   8

When I was younger I didnt use to like the original version of this story at all. I thought it boring and lumbering, like one of the monsters itself. But this extended, amended addition of the story is far far more enjoyable than the original televised version. And anyway, now I cant see why I didnt like it that much, for there is much to enjpy within this splendid anniversary tale.

Peter Davison leads a brilliant cast. This story gets going straight away. And one thing Terrance Dicks does excellently within this story is get all the different Doctor's personalities spot on from the word go. Pat Troughton is wonderful again as the impish and loveable second Doctor, Jon Pertwee is as strong and powerful a presence as he ever was in his own run on the series back in the seventies. But what is particularly excellent here is Richard Hurndall's brilliant interpretation of William Hartnell. He captures Williams persona excellently. No other actor could have nailed the first Doctor as expertly as Richard does here. He does a very fine job indeed. It is really sad that Tom Baker souldnt have been in this tale properly, but clever use is made of some of the matierial from Shada. Another great part of this tale is that I really didnt expect it to be the President who was the treacherous lout. The devious git is very well portrayed. And its highly nostalgic seeing all the old monsters back for either cameos or longer sections, like the Cybermen. (Brilliant that in this film version they actually have them fire back at the Raston Warrior Robot, unlike in the sad original!) And the Raston Warrior Robot scene is excellently done, one of the finest action sequences ever to have graced Doctor Who (Except maybe that one cyberman with his arm clearly inside his suit!)

And there are so many wonderful pieces of scripting all the way through this tale:

"Its a game within a game..."
"Oh there I am, I mean there you are!"
"Of course I can young woman, and kindly refrain from addressing me as Doc!"
"Its an entry coder!"
"Youve had this place redecorated, I dont like it!"
"Dont worry, Tegan will look after the old man"
"I am president am I not? You will obey my commands!"
"You mean youre deliberately going on the run from your own people in a rackety old Tardis?!"
"Great balls of fire!"
"You attract trouble Doctor, you always did! Where the devil are we?"
"You? Help me? Rubbish!"

Classic dialogue!

But even so, I still cant escape from the fact that after such a monster strewn beginning and middle, this story still ends rather flatly at the end. With just that prat Borusa being sealed away for eternity in the Tomb of Rassilon. They should have had one more threat come up then, that would have made the ending far more memorable for me. And the other bit Im miffed at in this film version is that they cut out that Cyberman saying "Ah!" when it locates the Doctor and the Master. I dont know why but I always have loved that single moment! But this film version is definitely far better than the 90 min original, that is evident from the word go.

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