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A Good Start

By:Chris Arnold, Bundaberg, Australia
Date:Friday 1 August 2014
Rating:   8

I quite liked the overarching plot strand of the detective and psychic. On first reading years ago I was genuinely surprised at the twist but on second reading it is a little cliché and easy to spot.

Standout stories for me were Fallen Angel (although I'm not really sold on the Time Lord prison stuff, the characterisations were excellent), The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back (A nice evocation of season 7) and Lackaday Express (I didn't quite get it the first time but is well worth re-reading. A thinker for sure).

Clangers were The Duke of Dominoes (the strange and ethereal plot was confusing) and Prisoners of the Sun (an excellent idea for a story but I found it a little unengaging) with the rest of the group being fairly solid and dependable reads. I kind of liked the humour of the First Doctor Steven and Dodo in The Golden Door, and Peri is served well in Fascination.

Poor old Sixy gets the rough end of the deal, only appearing in The Golden Door (sharing the page count with the aforementioned First Doctor team), but other than that each doctor is represented well. A strong start for the Decalog series and for Doctor Who in the Short Story medium as a whole.

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