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Part 2

By:Piers, Lancashire
Date:Wednesday 1 September 2004
Rating:   9

Following on from the book 'Life During Wartime' (Part 1 of my review), this audio play was a very satisfying conclusion to this story. There is a strong sense of continuity here as Bernice goes right back to where we first met her, the planet Heaven where The Doctor and Ace found her (in Paul Cornell's NA 'Love & War'). Having only read that book for the first time only recently it was great how the action here tied in with other events in Bernice's history. As for the use of the Daleks, yes it is a crowd pleaser, but it is entirely plausible within the story; and also ironic considering the Fifth Axis' attitudes towards alien species. Good stuff! After such a long build-up throughout the book and these CDs, the ending does not disappoint, and I am now hungry for more Benny adventures... As a bonus, this release also includes the short story 'Closure', previously only available to subscribers on the limited release 'Buried Treasures'. Although not perhaps the easiest of stories to enjoy, it is interesting in the moral dilemma it presents.

An Epic crammed into 2 disks

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Sunday 3 May 2009
Rating:   7

To get the full benefit of this story you must have read the book, if not you will often feel lost. Death & the Daleks is a strong story, of occupation, residence and family. It coul have made the plot for a whole series (which may have been better). At times skipping great events and timelines made a great story feel crammed and lost some of the fun, but still a good story.

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