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Damn, brilliant one!

By:JG, Gallifrey, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 17 February 2011
Rating:   10

Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors - it was a damn, brilliant one! The brother-sister-esque relationship between Jamie and Victoria and the Father-Uncle-esque figure of the Second Doctor take on the Ice Warrior's! This book - unlike, the TV counterpart, which I've still yet to see - is quite fast paced. Most books have like, 10 or so pages, just for people saying Goodbye etc. but it wasn't until the last page, when the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria leave, even then it isn't actually written, when the Doctor and Co. leave - the only time we are given an hint they've left the (Britianncus) Base, is when (Leader) Clent, turns around to congratulate on the Doctor (for saving them), but he is nowhere to be seen. In this, it is really giving you the impression of the surroundings - compared to other novelisations (i.e. written by Terrance Dicks), like for example on page 11 - "The weird landscape--a nightmare of snow and ice which had been driven, part melted, and had then re-frozen into bizarre grottoes and sculpted caverns--looked as bleak and unwelcoming as the wildest reaches of the Antartic" - Brilliant words written by Brian Hyles, who wrote the TV and novelisation of [Doctor Who and] The Ice Warriors. On one final note - The Doctor and Co. don't appear until page 18. 10/10


By:Ellie Acheson, Charlotte, United States
Date:Friday 16 August 2013
Rating:   8

I will admit that when I tried to watch The Ice Warriors on TV I didn't like it and was so bored by the plot that I fell asleep in the middle. That said, in book format I liked it much better. Brian Hayles' writing has a lot of flourish even though he is writing for children, it is very evocative. A must-read for fans of the big green Martians.

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