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The Blossoming Greatness of Solomons

By:Earle DL Foster, Invercargill, New Zealand
Date:Sunday 5 May 2019
Rating:   8

The official introductory novelisation of the somewhat revolutionary Thirteenth Doctor and her newest trio of companions can be overall classified as an updated and renovated "Key to Time" series of universal protecting explorations. The tyrannical Black Guardian has been replaced by equally monstrous and hybridized plant-like warmongers, and the precious individual segments are now three specialized keys (an intriguing twist being one hidden in plain sight!)
The entertainingly well-structured daisy chain of narratives planted and carefully nurtured amongst these pages more than justifies the creative decision to expand the companion seed bank, as Mr Solomons accordingly grants each of them (Ryan, Yaz, and Graham) equal opportunities to both artistically and courageously shine in the adoring sunlight.
A promising cultivation and harvesting towards an altogether bumper crop of literary adventures which will assuredly compliment the televised instalments, as Season 12 progresses from here (and maybe to infinity?)

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