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Clunky, miserable.

By:Mike McGovern, Edmonton, Canada
Date:Thursday 26 January 2006
Rating:   1

The excellent cover hides a dreadful dull book. I didn't know it was possible to make a Nazi occupation so boring. After the genius of Terrence Dick's Exodus, I'd expect far more out of Lance Parkin.

So far every one of Parkin's novels has disappointed. I couldn't even get halfway through Father Time. The man has a terrible, clunky prose style, with none of the grace of Terrence's. They may both be writing for Doctor Who, but they live in totally differnt worlds. The slow pace and the lack of action really wears a person down.

Parkin's ideas aren't so wonderful either. He doesn't have a single original or brilliant notion in the entire book. His concept of the Nazis having built the largest bomber ever sounds clever, but it isn't executed with any sense of wonder or intrigue in the story. Altogether, a waste of space and time.

I can recognize a bad writer when I see one. So can my grandfather. He loves war novels, but he couldn't read this one. I gave him Terrence Dick's novel Exodus to read, and amazingly, he devoured the entire thing in just one day. Grandpa doesn't like or understand science fiction, but Terrence's style is just plain brilliant. The man is a master storyteller. And although the subject of Just War was the same, ie., Nazis, grandpa couldn't read or understand this one. A shody piece of storytelling, repulsively told.

Pathetic. A total failure.

War and peace

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 29 January 2015
Rating:   8

I'm a newcomber to the Virgin New Adventures so while I'm familiar with Benny, Roz and Forrester are new charcthers to me but despite that I really enjoyed this book.
A cracking story with some excellent scenes particularly between the Doctor and a leading Nazi towards the end.
This is a very adult book with some graphic scenes of violence particularly with Benny being tortuted by the Nazis.
A clever story with good ideas and neat twists.

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