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Good Story

By:Paula, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Date:Wednesday 27 December 2006
Rating:   8

This was an enjoyable tale, fun to read and kept my interest through the whole story. Highly recommended.

Doctor Who Weird Fiction Mode

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 12 November 2012
Rating:   6

Former script editor Cartmel has indulged his penchant for mixing the supernatural with science fiction. "Foreign Devils" is "Doctor Who" in the weird fiction mode of Lovecraft, Derleth, Machen, etc., but mostly of William Hope Hodgson. The story involves the second Doctor, Zoe, and Jamie meeting Hodgson's ghost hunter character, Thomas Carnacki. The story involves a Chinese curse, an isolated mansion on a winter's night, assorted sordid characters, a spiritual medium, and a mysterious other-dimensional gateway. As if in response to all those stories that have the female companion out of the main action, this time Jamie spends most of the story in drug-induced sleep. Even so, Zoe is not particularly effective, spending most of the story fending off upper-class perverts and wondering what the Doctor is doing. One's enjoyment of this novella really depends upon how much one likes the weird fiction genre. I am not much a fan of it myself, so this novella just was not all that interesting to me.

A fun read

By:Rhonda Knight, Hartsville, United States
Date:Friday 1 August 2014
Rating:   8

I enjoyed the Agatha Christie mode of this. Not everything makes sense, but neither do the classic episodes :)

Not as bad as I thought

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Tuesday 22 March 2016
Rating:   6

My only critisim of this book is the Jamie is poorly used because he gets written out in chapter 1 then does reappear until the second-last chapter! By which he is in a coma for the whole chapter.
Good short story from William Hope Hodgson with Caranaki at the end of the book.

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