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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 7 September 2021
Rating:   6

The second Doom Coalition collection is not exactly a full follow-up to Doom Coalition 1. It feels more like an independent adventure. These box sets are necessarily set up so that there is a central plot, but each story is a self-contained incident. Thus, they end up following the quest formula, thus limiting the narrative potential. This time, we get introduced to a new Time Lord villain, eventually to become The Sonomancer. We also get an injection of River Song, who, of course, cannot actually meet the Doctor because it is too soon. This is always problematic to me because River Song inevitably gets overly written as so competent and so smart that necessarily The Doctor looks like an idiot. Also, The Eleven is back for the final episode, but is totally wasted here. All he gets to do is bully Liv a bit. The stories have some genuine interest and pace, and would probably be better if each were wholly independent.

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