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Strange Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 6 December 2021
Rating:   7

The Telos novellas were pitched as a way to take Doctor Who into areas that were not allowable in the ordinary publishing media. David Stone's contribution, the second in the series, really takes this idea and runs with it. Those expecting a standard Doctor Who adventure will be alarmed by what is in this book. In essence, Stone has written a story almost entirely using internal monologue, nearly stream of consciousness, from the perspective of one character, mostly. There are some bits in which we get Ace's thoughts. Thus, because they are not the central point of view, The Doctor and Ace only occasionally appear, and do not become important until late in the story. They also appear as otherworldly beings, distant and aloof. The story itself involves the decay of a city that seems to be a mishmash of different versions of itself in time. The story jumps back and forth across two "zones," with occasional dips into other ones. Thus, it is all quite a bit confusing at first, before gradually coalescing. It is a valiant, though flawed, effort in writing Doctor Who differently.

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