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Unsatisfactory Ending

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 3 June 2016
Rating:   7

Another second part of a two-part season ender. This time, K-9, controlled by the Cybermen, has taken over the TARDIS to deliver the Doctor to the Cybermen so they may harvest his brain. The Doctor is having none of it, and does a clever maneuver that means that he winds up on Telos at the exact time that Doctor 2 is on Telos. Doctor 4 manages to avoid meeting himself, and realizing that the Cybermen have time travel technology, he heads back to Krelos to try to save it from invasion.

On the plus side for this story, Frazier Hines is really getting down imitating Doctor 2, measuring the delivery down to the little coughs and stutters typical of Troughton. The scenes added to Tomb of the Cybermen do not in any way violate the story of that episode. Michael Cochrane seems to be having a whale of a time, just really enjoying doing two roles. On the minus side, the story is down to chase and avoid for most of its length. There's some more Doctor soul searching of the "it's all my fault" variety even though it really isn't the Doctor's fault. I don't know why Briggs likes that idea so much. Nick Briggs has gone with the "it didn't really happen" ending, the "rewrite time" variety. Perhaps knowing that many listeners find such endings unsatisfactory, Briggs has milked it for all the stuff he can get from it. Multiple scenes at the end involve characters remembering something and then forgetting what they remembered.

It is all listenable and enjoyable, does not really finish the season in the most memorable way.

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