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Ok, but not the best.

By:August Markvard Kjrsgaard, Bagsvrd, Denmark
Date:Monday 16 March 2015
Rating:   6

I was looking forward to reading this book, as it was the first 12th doctor novel i was going to read. It started out quite well. I liked the mystery of the story and when Silhouette was introduced, I immediatly thought that she was going to be the main antagonist in the story, because of the title of the book. I was very wrong. Other antagonists were introduced quickly after and it wasn't long before she became very unimportant. I think Justin tried to make her more important in the end, by making her kill Milton (the actual main antagonist).
I was also very dissapointed to not see any humour or funny exclamations from Strax in any way. The only time being, when he got confused about the genders of other people. I did though like the scene, where Affinity tries to trick the Doctor by trying to turn himself into past incarnations of the Doctor.
All in all it looked like a good story, but did dissapoint me a bit.

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