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Hitting Their Stride

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Tuesday 18 September 2007
Rating:   8

The Faceless Ones seems to be a nearly perfect mix of writing, mood, pacing and suspense for Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor. At six episodes in length, it could seem stretched, but doesn't, and the present day setting of Gatwick Airport (in 1966) works quite well, giving the story a feeling of innovation at this point in the development of the series. This story sees the departure of Ben and Polly, and it must be said that this was handled a bit sloppily. They both disappear rather suddenly after episode 2, as it was apparently hastily decided that Michael Craze's and Anneke Wills' contracts would be ended then rather than a few episodes later on. Their goodbyes at the end of the story were shot out of sequence and inserted into the final episode, and that makes for a somewhat disjointed script there. But other than that issue, The Faceless Ones, with its eerily strange and unsettlingly realistic aliens covertly at work in Gatwick Airport abducting planeloads of young travelers is an intriguing, moody story that keeps one's attention fairly well.

Brilliance yet again...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 8 September 2010
Rating:   9

Jamie was finally brought to the fore of companion action with this story. He had his own lines instead of nicking some intended for the other members of the cast in the three previous stories. Frazer does a great job at making Jamie at last a real and brilliant character. His scenes with Pauline are just the tip of the iceberg in what is a really well thought out and subtley different knid of Doctor Who story.

The plot is different too. And is not as fanciful or stupid as I have seen a lot of people write about this story. The Chameleons are very well portrayed indeed. So soulless and also very well realised. They do indeed look rather sad with their mushy faces.

And the pace of the story is neither too fast or too slow, it unfolds at a good pace, keeping the interest throughout. And again Patrick Troughton shines.

But Ben and Polly fade out of the story rather quickly. A shame, as they were both so well brought to life by Mike and Anneke. It would have been nice to see them a bit longer. But they say good things come to an end. (Only one thing doesnt)

This is a neat story, with good characterisation yet again. The airport commandant is typically a sceptic that became a sore vein through many of the later stories, but here he is a memorable and likeable character.

Doctor Who with Pat in the lead was always brilliant, and is well displayed in this great early story from his first season!

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