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A true Masterpiece

By:Denis LeBlanc, Moncton, Canada
Date:Friday 26 May 2006
Rating:   8

A bit long-winded, but nonetheless quite entertaining, this missing adventure is a joy to listen to. It really should've originally been written as, say, an 8-episode story, though, and I'm really not a fan of the "Feast of Steven" Christmas episode. It's still nice to have William Hartnell wish me a Merry Christmas, though...

Absolutely amazing (bar Episode 7)!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 12 April 2008
Rating:   10

Brilliant. An 11-parter would have been great, without the silly 7th episode. A great CD and story, and the clean recordings as an extra on disc 1 are great for an iPod or MP3 player.

An incredible ride, including part 7!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 27 May 2010
Rating:   10

It has to be said that Doctor Who is about the only show Ive ever come across that can have a story carry on for nearly five hours and still maintain interest doggedly right up until the very end. The Dalek's Master Plan is a brilliant piece of Doctor Who for many reasons.

The first very striking thing about this story is it doesnt play around, there are two companions who die for a start, and both deaths are directed so well, you can hear that, as to make them two of the most heart wrenching death scenes in Doctor Who. Sara's death, even just by hearing it, actually done a rare thing and presented me with a doctor who almost cry moment. That very rarely happens with me otherwise, but this story's ending is one of the most horrible and most memorable.

The second thing is the very high acting standard throughout. Yes, and that includes episode seven. It fits just right as a breather from the daleks just for one episode. And it is a comic gem that is rather tasteful and has a distinct one off feel to it. Just a nice rest amidst the chaos of the dalek's plans. Kevin Stoney is wonderfully over the top as Mavic Chen. And William Hartnell is sublime. He really should be better remembered.

The third brilliant element is the involvement of Peter Butterworth as the Meddling Monk, that oh so mischievous and delightful creation from Dennis Spooner. The scenes with him all made me smile.

This story really is quite an awesome and memorable ride. It truly is an epic. It boasts far less comedy and far more threat than usual in a Doctor Who story. The final scene with the Doctor and Steven utterly drained by the experience has to already be my second favourite Will Hartnell scene ever, after the mile long speach in The Massacre. This really is a classy adventure.

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