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Great analysis

By:Ellie Acheson, Charlotte, United States
Date:Friday 16 August 2013
Rating:   8

A really excellent essay compilation that examines each season/series of Doctor Who. Sometimes the essays are an exploration of if the stories are feminist but not every essay is like that. For instance, season 5 examined the use of sound in Who and season 2 addressed the First Doctor's character growth. With the exception of one or two that I didn't like (Diana Gabaldon's essay on season 6 didn't seem to have much of a point other than "I think Jamie is hot" and "Women like Doctor Who because of gender essentialism or something") these were mostly very good. I didn't read every single piece because I haven't got enough knowledge of every season yet but I certainly enjoyed the 60% or so of the book that I did read.

One other minor quibble is that the table of contents gave titles of the essays but not which season they corresponded to, and they were not arranged in season order, so if you open it like "I want to read about season 26 first!" you'll have to flip through the whole book to look for it. That was annoying.

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