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Escalation of the Time War?

By:Doug W, An Alternate Reality (formerly Pocono Summit), United States
Date:Sunday 23 December 2012
Rating:   10

In the Dark Eyes Behind the Scenes feature, writer and director Nicholas Briggs tells us that he thinks the story of the Time War should not be produced - that it would be beyond our comprehension, and so should remain as a sketchy legend in the Doctor Who mythos. I've heard the idea that Genesis of the Daleks was the first shot fired in the Time War (by the Time Lords). I would argue that the Dark Eyes series is the escalation of the war - the Daleks returning fire. I would argue that the Dark Eyes series *is* the Time War, but not all of it, and not the end of it.

Dark Eyes consists of four stories: The Great War, Fugitives, Tangled Web, and X and the Daleks. They go together to form a fairly epic storyline that gives us some fairly rich characterizations against a backdrop of travel across time, with the Daleks and Time Lords ever present, up to who knows what (which is slowly revealed). The Doctor and new companion Molly are the center of attention.

The casting of Ruth Bradley as Molly and Toby Jones as X, along with the rest of the fine cast choices, and of course, solid performances by Paul McGann, results in great productions. We get some great scripts, good performances, and high production values.

Highly recommended and not to be missed, in my opinion.

The Eighth Doctor

By:Benjamin Embry, Kokomo, United States
Date:Tuesday 9 July 2013
Rating:   9

My friends that got me into Doctor Who warned me about the Movie. Nobody seemed to like the Eighth Doctor. That meant I was going to. The first classic Who DVD I bought was the Movie. Dark Eyes was my first audio adventure. I absolutely love Paul McGann's Doctor.

This is a great adventure! It has inspired me to collect all the audio dramas I can, not just Paul's. That says al ot about his Doctor!

Dark adventure

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 29 December 2013
Rating:   10

Words cannot say how much I enjoyed this. Cards on the table, Paul McGann's 8th Doctor is my favourite audio Doctor. His Doctor & McGann's voice really suit audio adventures.
I've loved the 8th Doctor & Luciie's adventures and didn't think Big Finish would be able top those set of adventures but Dark Eyes is a thrilling rollercoaster of an adventure that never let's up in the action and thrills with plenty of twists and turns.
Great support from Ruth Bradley as Irish nurse Molly O' Sullivan & Toby Jones as the creepy X.
Highly recommended. Bring on Dark Eyes 2 !

Just Magnificent!

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Friday 27 May 2016
Rating:   10

Unbelievably awesome! Was really expensive but totally worth it!
Great plot twist, especially the one a the end that reveals who Kotris [main villain] really is!
Fantastic plot and supporting characters, really sympathetic to all of them.
Molly is a wonderful character, so full of fire and wits, she's so clever and funny.
The star of the box-set however of the Eight Doctor himself. Paul Mcgann is just incredible as the broken doctor, he is clearly wants to be alone but still enjoys an adventure.
Daleks are awesome too. Dalek Time Controller gave me chills when I first heard his voice, it sounded so cunning but also subtly human too, which gives him a creepy edge.
Overall a must-have box-set. If you haven't yet got this box-set in your collection, then what the hell are you waiting for, it is highly and truly recommended, it totally worth your money.

Run, Run, Run

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Friday 20 January 2017
Rating:   7

In the tradition of The Chase and The Daleks' Masterplan, Dark Eyes follows the adventures of the Doctor and a companion on the run from the Daleks, chased across space and time. As in The Daleks' Masterplan, the Daleks are helped out by a humanoid turncoat, the mysterious Kotris, also known as X. The story begins with a Doctor distraught after Lucy's death being offered "hope" from Time Lord Straxus. Of course, Straxus has secret motivations for this, but the Doctor seemingly accepts Straxus' offer and heads off to France in WWI searching for some kind of unusual something. He finds it in the young Molly O'Sullivan, whose unusually dark eyes provide the title of the whole story. Part One, The Great War, gets the two together and lets us in on the idea that the Daleks have something to do with this. Part Two, Fugitives, has our duo bopping around time and space, encountering Daleks, and generally working up the Doctor's distrust of Molly. In Part Three, Tangled Web, there is more running around, but also we learn that Molly is the centerpiece of the Kotris/Dalek plan to destroy the Time Lords. Part Four, X and the Daleks, gives us the big showdown with all the principal characters.

I find this story not as compelling as so many others have found it. There is too much running and hiding, going here and there and getting not much of anywhere. By the end of Part Three, a heck of a lot of blood has been spilled, emotions have been emoted, and TARDIS's been battered about, but the listener is not much wiser about the overall plan than at the end of Part One. The Doctor is more a pawn than anything else and has almost nothing to do with resolving the conflicts. Molly strikes me as just a bit too Irish. And there are too many large gaps in the action while the Doctor is unconscious, leaving this listener to wonder very often "how did we get here?" This is especially true for the sequence in the mental rehabilitation unit. How did X manage to get The Doctor and Molly there?

Of course, the cast is impressive, including Peter Egan and Toby Jones, both highly respected. Big Finish regulars Alex Malinson, Beth Chalmers, and John Banks provide multiple voices and do so admirably. Even though the story is in four "parts," it is really a continuous adventure. It runs for four hours and is never boring. It's a good, but flawed effort.

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