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By:Doug W, An Alternate Reality (formerly Pocono Summit), United States
Date:Thursday 24 January 2013
Rating:   9

This adaptation of Love and War was sort of done as a 20-year Benny Anniversary special - the character of Bernice Summerfield was introduced in the New Adventures novel of the same name, in 1992, and she became quite popular in the years that followed, remaining with the Seventh Doctor in the novels for quite a while, and eventually getting her own novel and audio series.

This audio production is really well done, and really took me back to the days of the novels. It was a real nostalgia fest for me. It moves at a slower pace (the running length is the equivalent of 6 episodes of the classic series), and is very character-driven. It captures the New Adventures feel very well, yet the story is a lot less horrific on audio, in a good way. I think I only ever read the book once, and I didn't remember it being this good.

I'd love to see Big Finish adapt more of the better New Adventures novels, like Time's Crucible, Andrew Cartmel's Warhead, Warlock, and Warchild, Sanctuary, and of course, Lungbarrow.

For Those Who Love Emotional Ace

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 18 April 2018
Rating:   7

This is an adaptation of Paul Cornell's novel "Love and War," which introduced the character of Bernice Summerfield. The story is written in a way that would make it fit with Doctor Who 1989. The relationship between The Doctor and Ace is getting a little more prickly as The Doctor becomes more manipulative in his methods of outsmarting opponents. All his attempts to keep Ace out of it backfire and eventually lead to a confrontation in which Ace goes ballistic. The story itself is fairly typical Paul Cornell, involving an ancient evil that can easily control people's minds and that spends aeons collecting corpses so that it can raise an army of the undead and take over the universe. Parts of the story don't quite hang together, mostly those involving the virtual-reality setup called 'puter space in this story. One might view this as the "big" production (nearly as long as a six-parter) that never got made in 1989.

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