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Read it with the light on

By:Paul Speake, Wakefield
Date:Thursday 3 March 2005
Rating:   9

I read this one on a flight back from Japan and can say that it was a very enjoyable way to while away 12 hours! I dont normally go for the 6th Doctor stories but the Colin Baker / Peri double act were well suited to this adventure, if fact I can think of only Pertwee of the other Doctors who could have fitted into this one.

Highly recomended.

Good Solid Writting

By:bruce klopfstein, superior,wi USA
Date:Monday 30 May 2005
Rating:   8

A fine book. Well written. But I never really felt emersed in the story. Character development was very good with a well thought out story. But agian with a lot of Doctor Who Stories it seemed 95% of the book was build up and everything got solved in only a couple of pages at the end. I enjoy more of a drawn out ending. Where things are revealed and answered more slowly. Something that gives you more to guess at and try to figure out yourself. But all in all a strong story.

Grave but fun

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 25 September 2012
Rating:   8

A good solid interesting, if nothing out of the ordinary.

Zombies from the Sea

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 30 May 2019
Rating:   7

Justin Richards is usually willing to take a risk or two with his Doctor Who novels, to step out of formula in enough places to make it interesting. Grave Matter starts as if it were going to be something different, then falls back into formula and doesn't leave it. Doctor 6 and Peri arrive on a small island off the British coast. For the first 70 or so pages, they seem to be a pair searching for an adventure. They keep looking for something wrong only to find that it is all perfectly normal. I found this part quite amusing and hoped that the novel would retain this off-kilter method. Then, the first zombie arrives and after that the novel settles into predictability. The resolution rests on a last-minute miracle cure that defies all the laws of biochemistry, mostly because Richards has by that time written himself into a corner and this is the only way out. So, entertaining first act, but disappointing ending, that would be the summation of this novel.

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