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Flip is no flop!!!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 27 April 2012
Rating:   10

Big finish always seem to pcik just the right people for new companions for the errant time traveller to have by his side. Lisa Greenwood is a ruddy revelation! I love her spry infectious enthusiasm which is plain from the word go in this, the first story I have heard with her aboard the TARDIS. She immediately grabs the attention, and she has a well rounded character who bounces off Colin Baker like I dont know what. All I can say is she is brilliant and I love her wreckless streak, but also her concern and care for all those around her. It makes her another success of a new companion for the series. I cant wait to hear more stories with her in. She has an infectious vitally thats great for any doctor who story. And this is only her beginning.

This stories other characters too are so likeable, and the interplay between them clearly makes the presence of a true dsyfunctional family known to the fore, and add to that the presence of a great doctor who baddy, the Wirrn, and you have all the elements to make this story a great one. And it is a great one. Colin Baker is on top form, as one would expect, leading the cast brilliantly. The Wirrn too are more interesting than in the Ark In Space, and the child inside a wirrn by transmat is a gruesome idea that adds a touch of horror to the mix. The oace of this story too is spot on again, and builds up tension to a satisfying end.....

Frozen bugs

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 14 July 2012
Rating:   9

There is a lot of buzz around Nerva station at the moment, perhaps hoping to capture the historic success of Tom Baker in the 70s. Well this does it in style: atmosphere, strong cast, playing on human nature all comes together in an excellent story. Flip continues to be a great new addition with Colin.

More Bugs

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 5 October 2016
Rating:   8

"Wirrn Isle" would have worked well for late 1980s television Doctor Who. There is nothing in it that could not have been done for TV at the time. The story itself is straightforward classic Doctor Who. The Doctor and companion arrive in a remote location populated by just a few people and the whole crew are put under immediate threat by something that could wipe out humanity. The setting is some 40 years after "The Ark in Space" and the people from Nerva are having a rough time recolonizing the planet. A family has returned Loch Lomond, now completely frozen over, to restart the outpost they had abandoned 15 years before. Then, they discover that some Wirrn actually made it to Earth and are frozen in the loch. Unfortunately, dark secrets from this family's past create a chain of events to release the Wirrn once more. The story plays out as a no nonsense thriller, with frayed nerves, high tension, daring escapes, and clever mucking about with technology, in this case transmat technology. The Doctor is here the cleverest of them all, and knows it and is not afraid of saying so. We also get to see his "big picture" morality pitted against the more immediate situational morality of the rest. The music soundtrack reminds me quite a bit of Tangerine Dream from around 1978, which increases the sense that one is listening to a story that was actually from the 1980s.

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