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Annoying Yet Interesting

By:Wesley Davenport, Kingsport, Tennessee, United States
Date:Monday 19 May 2014
Rating:   6

William Hartnell desperately wanted to do a Western for Doctor Who and here was his chance. When the Doctor gets a toothache, He along with Steven and Dodo land at the O.K. Corral and enlist the help of Doc Holiday with the toothache. Eventually the TARDIS crew end up in the middle of the famous gunfight at Tombstone.

This is the first Doctor Who serial to have a song written specially for it... unfortunately they never stop singing the song. This is no exaggeration. Every time there is a shift in scene the song plays, Steven is forced to sing the song several times, the song plays at the beginning and ending of most episodes. It will drive you crazy!

If you can look past the egregious overuse of the song and if you have any interest in Westerns, then this would be a decent historical worth checking out. If you don't care for Westerns or have little patience; I'd give this a pass.

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