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By:Nicholas Murphie, Newtown, Australia
Date:Thursday 30 June 2011
Rating:   10

I've always thought the Gallifrey Series are some of the very best Big Finish Audios - brilliant and complex story lines full of political intrigue and outstanding performances.... season three kind of ended the series and heralded the coming of the Time War... so where was season 4 going to go?
The answer, heading to a bunch of alternate Gallifreys via the Axis, did not really excite as alternate time lines and universes have been done before ... but each and every one of the 4 plays is brilliant... Hard to pick a favourite - probably Disassembled with a very interesting alternate Doctor.... but vampiric Annihilation and pre Time Lord Forever are also excellent... Also interesting is hearing familiar voices in new roles. All round, an amazing series.

Gallifrey Unbound

By:Doug W, Colorado, United States
Date:Thursday 27 December 2012
Rating:   10

Similarly to the Doctor Who Unbound series that features "what if" scenarios with alternative actors playing the past or never seen Doctors, Gallifrey IV takes us to alternate Gallifreys in alternate universes via the Axis, which is a hub that affords passage to those alternate realities. The result is an intriguing series of adventures in other, radically altered worlds of Gallifrey, with only Romana, Leela, K9, Braxiatel, and Narvin being from the original world that is familiar to us, having been forced to take refuge in the Axis after the end of the events of Series III.

These stories are also full of great guest appearances of other familiar actors in the Doctor Who and Gallifrey series, here playing different roles.

The four stories are imaginative and interesting, and the performances are solid across the board.

For listeners who like "something different," you won't do much better than this.

The best yet

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 25 May 2013
Rating:   10

I really enjoyed the first couple of series but series three seemed to run out of steam. Series IV has had the breath of life and punches above all the rest todate. Great original stories that grip and entertain. I found myself having to listen to them one straight after the other.

No pressure on season v then!!

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