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It very sad...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 5 November 2011
Rating:   10

The departure of Elizabeth Sladen from this world has been very very sad. She was a terrific actress, and was probably at her all time high in The Sarah Jane Adventures. The first three series were excellent, but this fourth is the best of the whole complete seasons by far in my book. The stories here are quite a bit more adult I think, and some of the storylines are new and original.

One of the highlights has to be the return of the awesome Katy Manning as Jo Grant, and the flashbacks to the past Doctors always makes a smile come to this Whovians face. And Katy gets some decent stuff to do, and the Shansheeth are pretty good and a different kind of alien for the world of Who and Sarah Jane, as theyre not totally psychotic for once. I love the final scene where Sarah talks about others who she thinks have met the Doctor at one time or another, and thats nice too.

Other stand outs are the brilliant Lost In Time, my favourite two parter of the whole four and a bit seasons of this terrific series. Whoever would have thought Nazis would make it into a kids show eh? but the story is excellent, and the three seperate plot threads come together very very well indeed here. And theres the added mystery of who the man with the parrot is and now it will probably not be answered due to the fact that no more Sarah Janes are being made, due to the sad loss of Liz.

The Empty Planet is another of the real stand out ones, being very very eerie and a good platform for those brilliant Rani and Clyde characters to show what they can really do once again in a story basically nearly all to themselves, and the plot is great afore the robots arent there just to destroy again, but are seeking a person who is on Earth. A very smart tale indeed this one.

The series has a brilliant beginning too, and is a great chiller of a story. The Nigtmare Man would surely have been a returning villain had Liz have lived longer. It is truly sad that there will be no more of these brilliant adventures that are better than The New Doctor Who series by far overall. Ive loved this more than most of the Doctor Who tales of the last two seasons.

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