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I stepped from the TARDIS - You did not!

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 6 March 2011
Rating:   9

This CD soundtrack version of 'Genesis of the Daleks' is a brilliant reproduction of the original LP. The cover artwork, length of the feature, even the appearance of the disc (it is black on both sides just like a vinyl record) is exactly the same, and obviously the quality of the content has not deteriorated.
After watching the DVD version of this story, I did find it both brilliant and over long/padded. The 1hr format of this CD completely eliminates the latter point, slimming the story by over half to make a super-speedy tale which still makes sense and is cohesive.
Linking narration is provided by Tom Baker, however here is where the release slightly falls down. The narration is not nearly as extensive as on modern CD soundtracks, so that in some parts it is difficult to work out what is going on. Indeed in some parts the narration is totally wrong, and it's obvious: the first line "I stepped from the TARDIS onto a bleak planet" is incorrect, as we find out only a minute later that the Doctor had been travelling via transmat and had been intercepted by the Time Lords.
Thankfully this is not too much of a detraction, and this remains not only a solid version of a classic tale but also a brilliantly nostalgic reproduction of Doctor Who's first ever soundtrack.

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