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A Fun Western Conspiracy

By:Jared Harr, St. Marys, United States
Date:Saturday 16 May 2020
Rating:   9

I had an immense amount of fun with this story!

The beginning is probably the strongest part of the entire story, but the rest still holds it own very well. The pace as slowed down a little bit too much in the second half of part 1, I will admit. However, said pace picked up again quickly during the second part.

The story is a bit complex, but not in a science fiction way. The writer of this particular story (Paul Sutton) managed to create an engaging conspiracy plot set in a small western town. The villain is a bit on the nose, but is very functional in his role.

The music is also astounding. Simple, yet effective and has all the twangs in just the right places to make it feel old, yet exciting! I feel the actual sound effects (such as the rifle and horse hooves) could have been a lot better, but that’s a minor thing on the whole.

Maggie doesn't have the best Colin Baker impression, but her female characters were very nuanced and on point. The guest actor did a phenomenal job in his role, and all the characters themselves were so well written.

In short: This is a fun adventure set in an old western town. Plot is great and the characters are equally so.

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