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I really wanted to like this book.

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Saturday 22 January 2011
Rating:   4

My summary really says what I have to say about this book. When we have a new writer in the world of Dr Who I want to give them a chance, but this book is just confusing! When the Doctor starts doing everything backwards I just lost interest in it. I found myself having to read parts then re read them. And to be perfectly honest I finished reading this about a week ago and have already forgotten how it ended - never a good sign with me.
I think Oli Smith tried to do something a little diffrent and it failed to deliver for me. Will put it down to first book jitters for him so will not ignore anymore books he writes (hopefully he will get another go) but all I can say to Mr Smith is 'STRIKE ONE!"

Good story

By:Oliver Franks, Telford, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 20 February 2011
Rating:   7

Overall, it's a good story, however, towards the second half of it, it gets very confusing, which put me off a bit. As well as that, Amy seems slightly out of character early on in the book, otherwise, Oli Smith has captured the character's perfectly.


By:Adam Regula, Horseheads, NY, United States
Date:Wednesday 9 March 2011
Rating:   7

The plot of this book was well thought out, but can be slightly confusing to follow at times. I really liked the idea of traveling backwards through time as a plot device but I found my self going back and re-reading sections to understand what was going on from different characters point of view. Great pacing overall but some of the characters were a little weak.

Good concept for a book, and a fun read even if it had me scratching my head at times.


By:Ken Lawrence, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 12 May 2011
Rating:   9

I read this book, and as other reviews said, for a moment it threw me trying to work out what was happening. Once i understood the Doctor's travelling backwards I thoroughly enjoyed the book, excellent story and interesting concept.
It may have worked better as a TV episode soley as it can be difficult to follow at times, but each chapter is 'dated & timed' so you do sometimes have to check whether you're having a flashforward or backward.

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