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Im going to start a Slipstream fan club!

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Sunday 15 August 2010
Rating:   8

This book has done something to me that no other Dr Who book has done. I was actully worryed for the Doctor. When he was standing on the plank about to go for an acid swim i generally feared for his life. Also when they were running for the TARDIS, I was yelling 'SHUT UP AND RUN!!!'. Then when it dematerilises and they were safe - WOW there is still 40 pages to go.
the whole book is based around a huge junk yard in space that is colecting all the rubbish that is out there, which i thort was a really good idea for a setting and you really get a feel for the horrible, hostile enviroment in Llewellyn's writing. Also I loved the sollogs, would love to see them again.
And I loved the way they used a real comet name for the one that was about to hit them. The writing of this book is so good that you really get a since that time is running out, and when the small bits a comet start raining down, you can really see it hitting the surface and exploding in your mind.
But the one caractor that did it for me was Dirk Slipstream. He was fantastic, and even thoe he was killed at the end (However all we hear is a scream and gun fire, so he could get out of it) I would love to see him again. He reminded me a lot of Sabalon Glitz from the classic series - only a little more nasty.
Deffenitly a good read (especialy the last 80 pages). Not as good as Apolo 23, but the first two Matt Smith novels have been of a very high standared.

Humans are the Worst Monsters....

By:Adam Regula, Horseheads, NY, United States
Date:Wednesday 9 March 2011
Rating:   8

I love the new Matt Smith series of novels more and more! Any time in Doctor Who where the humans have devolved into an archaic state and become the monsters of nightmare is always kinda cool in my book. Great read with some cool twists.

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